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barever hair reduction cream

i saw lot of reviews on dis..and i searched a Lott about dis product.and finally i decide to order dis product.10 days before i got dis product and tried on upper lips hairs for 5 days as per instructions.finally m happy to see its results.its visible diffence i can notice…i m waiting for my second sessions…quite excited to use dis continou. Divya

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This product is a life saver! Been using it for quite sometime now, and it works!! It’s safe, it’s natural and it lives up to its claims!! Sasha

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Say Goodbye To The Unwanted Ones!

I’m still testing barever hair inhibitor but so far I’ve been really satisfied…my akin feels soft and the hair percentage has definitely gone down a it.I would recommend this product to those who want to get of noticeable hair anywhere on their body.goodluck Glitter Heart

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Value For Money

Found barever really effective. I used it after waxing for 5 days and I noticed that hair growth has slowed down from first session itself. almost 32 days now but still I do not feel the need for waxing while earlier I used to wax every 20 days. I hope for better results with continuous use. SG

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nice Product

Nicr producr …
Must go for it….
Pros:very effective gives visible results
Cons:the odour of the cream NVS

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it works!!!

I’ve tried creams, wax, laser, threading,plucking etc..all with the inevitable stubble showing the next day. So shaving became the norm every single day.The more you shave, the more it grows. Never a good thing, especially with facial hair !! So after seeing some reviews I decided to buy this. That was about a week ago. Today on day 5, I can tell you the hair is barely visible. I can honestly say I could skip shaving, and not be embarrassed. Love this stuff!


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It Works !!!!

yess its a good product if u r frustrated with frequent waxing then go for it,its amazing. It works fast on fine hair,like upperlips.It makes hair growth very slow. only thing i didnt like is the smell,but it will be there for few seconds so manageble Pushpa

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It is Working!!

I have hair growth on my chin which is very irritating. But barever came as a life saver for me. It has reduced the hair growth to a great extend. Also the hair which are growing back are also not as thick as earlier. Only the smell is bothering for me when I apply it, but after few mins its gone.

Nabanita Panda

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it works actually

Surprisingly, it works. I bought this with a lot of doubt but after using it for a few months (it makes a nice body creme so using it was easy) I noticed less and less hair. Not 100% but enough to be impressed.

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Result of using this product is getting only in a …,

Result of using this product is getting only in a slower pace. But still its showing signs of 100 % result. No side effects. worth buying . Manoj MT

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The product is great quality. It definitely does what it claims. A must buy for all the gals out there. I am happy that i bought this from snapdeal as i got a good discount. Girls go for it! Sangeeta Ggan

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It Works!!!

While this is not miraculous, it does seem to slow down the rate of growth. And even the thickness, at first. Works better if you wax or epilate – against shaving and hair removal creams the results are poor. I’ve only tried this once so I am hoping that long term use will deliver increasing results.

Not much in the bottle, so if you’re doing your full legs you might not be able to do your arms or other body parts as well in one bottle.


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barever review by india fashion

Fashion Guru

I am using this product 2 months from now after shaving my hand hairs and is really satisfied with

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barever review by india fashion

Little Makeup

I must  say that the hair growth has considerably reduced which is pretty awesome

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barever review by india fashion

Beauty Briefcase

The best thing i like about Barever is that the brand is focusing on customer delight

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barever review by alive n kickiing

Aliven Kickiing

100% safe for use on any body parts including the sensitive areas like chin, bikini line

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